Sunday, November 8, 2009

study report on rural industrialisation project


Here is a study report on evaluation of district rural industrialisation project.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Modified internal rate of return

Hello friends. Meeting you all after a long time. You are all aware of the concept of Internal Rate of Return (IRR). It is return in percentage from investment. Or return from Rs 100 of investment. Though very popular due to ease in interpretation, it has certain limitations due to the restrictive reinvestment assumption. That is, the IRR assumes that the ivestment gives the return when the annual returns are reinvested o fetch returns @ IRR. Hence, Modified IRR concept was suggested in literature. An excel function also is available to compute it. However, the MIRR was hardly applied in Indian siutuations. In the following paper, I applied the method to watershed data. I also demonstrated the method suggested by Cary and Dunn (1997) to adjust MIRR for scale and time span differences across projects we compare.

Frankly the attempt is direct adoption of known method and I did not make any original contribution. Please read and give your comments.
Thank u all

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reverse Murphy Law & Long blog(hol)iday

I am thankful to the visitors of this blog of mine. I feel guilty that I did not post any new topics thesedays - I enjoyed a long blog holiday- especially when I see the site meter stats which show that people are regulary visiting this blog - at least 5-6 on any day. Perhaps people are visiting to see any updates - I feel awckward for disappointing them. Of course the holiday is only for this and not to my telugu blog, notwithstanding the intermittant gaps there too.
One reason for the gap in this blog is the very fact that i did not come across with any material that I can post here. It is because I am not reading anything on these topics thesdays . .. :))).

Reverse Murphy Law or Satyasai' Law :))

In the previous post I wrote about Murphy's Law. Recently I experienced reverse of it. In nutshell, Murphy's Law says that when things can go wrong they go wrong. We experienced that Things, even when left to go wrong, may still go right.' The incident that prompted me to is like this.

My daughter did a project for her school as part of a team. On the day of the exhibition, she was not to go to school as she was not in the core team which need to explain the things to visitors. Her friend's status is the same. But both of them needed to send the charts prepared by them individually to school on the exhibition day so that the core team can arrange and open for public view. My daughter was to send the chart through my son who is in the same school and whose attendance was compulsory. When the friend called my daughter about the arrangements to send the charts to the core team, my daughter asked her to send it across to my son and never bothered to enquire about the person through who she would send and in which school bus she commutes.

Next day my son developed fever and could not attend the school. Not knowing the arrangements we did not wake up my daughter too. My dauhter got up started panicking as to what to do. I volunteered to take her to school. We went to school clueless as to where to search for who. My son's classmates we met at the venue of the exhibition were clue less too about anyone holding a chart coming in search of my son. We wandered here and there and thought of going to wait at my son's class room in another block. On the way we found a few students of my son's class coming and my daughter went and checked the red coloured chart in a girl's hand and found it to be the one her friend sent. On inquiry we found that the girl carrying the chart received from another boy who was asked by his teacher to carry it and keep in the room where my son's class students were displaying their exhibits.

In the whole process, my daughter did not plan for the contingencies and never took care to have right information . Ironically, we could not contact her friend too on her mobile on which we frenetically tried for over an hour. We have all conditions for ending up in failure to deliver the chart (which was very important and the first introductory chart to be displayed). Had we missed the students who were carrying it to the venue (which could have happened very easily) the chart would have landed in a 'blackhole'.

Murphy's Law operates when we take care of all possibilities of failure and still we may get a setback from unknown corner. Here, in our case, in contrast, we never took care of any possibility of failure and had ideal conditions for a set back.

Here is the Satyasai's Reverse Murphy's Law is at work.