Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Pallbearer syndrome

People having this syndrome tend to think that tye department or office is running only because of them.  Most offices will have people suffering from this syndrome. There is no 'we' for such people. You go to any office and ask who is the most redundant and work-evading person there. Go to him and talk to him. He might give you the most authentic account of his contribution and importance in the department. 
We meet these people everywhere and everyday. The worst part is that while they feel doing the most of the work around also feel that others are idling around.  These people never realise that they are after all carrying only a 'dead body'.
If you are the boss, be objective and get to know who is doing what and how. Do not fall prey to these people's briefs.  If you are a colleague keep ignoring them. But in your interest keep record of what you have been doing which can be handy at times. If you are reporting to them may God help you to get a new boss.