Tuesday, November 27, 2007

project selection basics

Today I came across one website http://www.ittoolkit.com/ which contains useful articles on project management, general management topics and IT operations articles and so on.

I discuss the project selection process here in the powerpoint presentation prepared by me based on the material iven on this site.

Besides, project management articles cover the following topics: Interested readers may explore the links.
Project Planning Strategies
Project Scheduling: Backwards and Forward Planning
Project Success: Found in the Eye of the Beholder
Testing Project Deliverables: From Concept to Production
Managing the Project Selection Process
Get Your Project on the Fast Track
Outsourcing Project Work: Choice or Necessity?
The Project Queue: Keeping Customers Informed and Motivated
Smooth Transitions: Planning Project Closure
Concepts and Principles (The Project-Speak Series)
Assumptions and Constraints
Critical Path
Document Management
Lessons Learned
Quality Management
Project Management Standards
Project Office
Project Planning Definitions
Project Steering Committees
Project Sizing
Requests for Proposals
Resource Management Glossary
Status Reporting
Work Breakdown Structure
Risks, Issues and Change Control
Risk Management Series Part 1: Identifying Risks
Risk Management Series Part 2: Controlling Risks
Risk Management Series Part 3: Practices and Procedures
Project Closure: Graceful Exits from Troubled Projects
Issues Management: From Onset to Resolution
Control Rogue Projects in Four Easy Steps
Controlling Chaos: Managing Change Requests
Finances and Procurement
Calculating the Costs of Quality
Managing the Proposal Process with the RFP
Estimating and Tracking Project Costs
Staffing and Resource Management
Assigning Project Roles and Responsibilities
Evaluating Project Team Performance
Creating Project Job Descriptions
Delegate: It's Easier Than You Think
Is Your Project Team Ready?
Organizing Successful Project Teams
Tailor Made: Matching Project Responsibilities to Project Needs
Project Outsourcing: By Choice or Necessity
Focus on IT Projects
The Role of the End-User in IT Projects
Planning the Technology Migration Project
Project Management in the IT Environment
Projects and IT: Acknowledge the Driving Force
Do You Need a Management Mentor for Your Projects?
Requirements Planning
Dig Deep for Project Requirements
Planning and Managing Project Requirements

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